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Progressive Stampings of 783 Magazine Box Long & Short Action Series Clips

For over four decades, at G & R Manufacturing we have been providing our customers with components of the highest quality and integrity. Based on our reputation, a customer in the munitions and firearms industry contracted us to provide a turnkey manufacturing solution for the magazine boxes shown here. These boxes were designed for model 783 Long Action rifles. Our design engineer worked with the client to develop the prototype, optimizing the design for production. The final design featured a long and a short version of the magazine box, and each version was composed of 5 separate part numbers. Custom tooling was manufactured for this design. Employing .04″ thick cold rolled carbon steel, our experts utilized progressive stamping to produce the unit along with additional blanking operations. Precision tolerances of ±.002″ were achieved across dimensions. Secondary procedures include certified welding techniques and careful assembly. Multiple components were procured from varying suppliers and seamlessly integrated into the fabrication of the part. Our quality engineer was on hand to ensure quality at every phase of production, testing and inspecting the unit as required by customer specifications and in conformance with ISO 9001 standards.

Dimensions of the finished magazine boxes were 2.975″ in length and 1.564″ in height for the short version, and the long version was 3.505″ in length by 1.573″ in height. Both boxes measured 0.962″ in width. Weight of the short box was 0.1197 lbs., while the long box weighed 0.1367 lbs. The boxes were finished with a black oxide and oil conversion coating for added corrosion resistance. Production turnaround time for this project was 6 to 8 weeks, producing 10,000 to 50,000 units per order with shipping to locations across the USA. Design and development for this project occurred on a 6 month time frame. We have a long term production contract for this part, and were able to overcome tolerance overlap issues in order to manufacture effectively. Our customer was pleased with all aspects of our service throughout this project, and subsequently partnered with us on other projects. Our combination of reliability, accuracy and quality, along with responsive customer interaction has earned us the distinction of one of their best suppliers. For more details about this custom magazine box project, or to learn about our turn key capabilities please see the table below or contact us directly.

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Progressive Stampings of 783 Magazine Box Long & Short Action Series Clips

Custom Manufacturing of 783 Magazine Box Long Action Series Clips Project Highlights