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Progressive Metal Stamping & Blanking Operations of Electronic Hoods and Receptacles

A customer in the electric connector industry required a company with extensive metal stamping experience to produce the electronic hood and receptacle components shown here. As premiere metal stamping experts with over 40 years of experience producing tight tolerance parts at competitive rates, G & R Manufacturing was awarded the contract to manufacture the electrical connector enclosures. Working with 0.040″ thick aluminum, we utilized progressive stamping and blanking procedures along with a variety of secondary operations including additional draws and tapping to fabricate the different components. The multiple sizes and configurations were produced in changeover tooling. These components would be used in cable assemblies for critical military, marine, and aviation applications, and meet stringent Mil-Spec standards and ISO 9001 requirements. A tight tolerance of ±0.005″ was achieved during manufacturing.

To increase wear and corrosion resistance, components were finished with a hard coat Type II anodizing treatment, sealing with a sodium dichromate solution. A yellow color was imparted as a result. Our ability to complete this project on time and to the highest levels of accuracy and quality led to an ongoing manufacturing partnership. This part is produced in volume quantities of 500 to 10,000 on a 4 to 6 week schedule, shipping to locations around the world. To learn more about this high volume progressive stamping project or our other manufacturing solutions please see the table below or contact us directly.

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Progressive Metal Stamping & Blanking Operations of Electronic Hoods and Receptacles

Custom Metal Stamping of Electronic Hoods & Receptacles Components Project Highlights