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Blanking, Forming, Vibratory Deburring & Powder Coating of Magnetic Face Plates

A customer in the decorative hardware industry approached us at G & R Manufacturing to produce a line of magnetic face plates. Seven variants of the plate were requested, in single, double, and triple plate styles. With our experience in metal stamping and range of ancillary services we are prepared to handle difficult assignments and were confident we would meet the challenge of this multiple part production. The design and engineering phase represented a significant amount of work, as our staff endeavored to develop the process for consistent production of a part with short beams and tight reverse bends. After prototyping and refining, the manufacturing parameters were successfully determined, advanced blanking and forming equipment was employed to manipulate galvanized cold rolled steel into the required configurations. These processes were able to achieve the required tight ±0.005″ tolerance during manufacturing. Multiple variations of the part were constructed using tooling change overs. After forming and blanking, parts underwent a vibratory deburring process to smooth and prepare the pieces for a protective powder coating procedure.

Face plates were tested and inspected to meet rigorous industry standards, in conformance with the ISO 9001 process requirements. Face plate style options include cut outs that handle single, double, and triple toggle switches; accept single duplex outlets; and accommodate the single, double, and triple GFCI switches. All completed plates measured 5.0″ in length and had heights of 0.25″. Unit widths varied, with the single measuring 3.25″, the double 5.00″, and the triple plate 6.75″. Face plates can be finished in assorted colors, or a standard flat black powder coating. Lead times for the face plates are 4 to 6 weeks, and our process was so impressive to the customer that we continue to manufacture the parts at a rate of 5,000 to 100,000 units per batch. To find out more about this magnetic face plate production, or our other capabilities in handling complex projects please see the table below or Contact us directly.

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Blanking, Forming, Vibratory Deburring & Powder Coating of Magnetic Face Plates

Manufacturing of Magnetic Face Plates Project Highlights