Metal Stamping Design and Engineering Services

At G&R Manufacturing we take great pride in our design, engineering, and tooling knowledge. We have worked with companies both large and small to solve a wide spectrum of production challenges; each project is an opportunity for us to test our skills and to challenge ourselves further. We aim to create the most reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for our customers.

We specialize in:

Eyelet Design and Tooling: Our engineering team specializes in the component design and tooling required for eyelets and smaller drawn parts. They will take the design or concept for your component and determine the appropriate process to produce the necessary draw depth and feature set. When appropriate, they will provide feedback on possible design modifications to streamline costs and necessary production steps. The team will then manufacture the tooling required and utilize our transfer press eyelet technology to produce your components. This sample project shows the type of complexity the engineering team at G&R achieves on a regular basis.

New Component Design: Completing a new component is important to your business and ours. Our engineering team will bring over 30 years of design experience and knowledge to your project. They are well versed in refining your design ideas, from concept to final design for manufacturing. We can work with highly complex CAD files or a simple “cocktail napkin drawing” to aid in the design revision process of a new product. Together we will determine the most efficient, cost effective and repeatable process to manufacture your component. No matter where you are in your design process, our engineering team will make your component a reality.

Existing Component Modification: As your products or assemblies change over time, many components are impacted. When there is a need for a design change to an existing component, our engineering team can help assess material selection, identify legacy design features for elimination, determine possible design alternatives, and evaluate options to reduce secondary services. Throughout the entire process we will work towards achieving your targeted quality standards and reducing your previous price per part. The G&R engineering team will bring ideas and years of experience to your previously designed components, continuing to enhance the quality of the end product.

Die Manufacturing & Tooling: For more than 18 years we have been designing and manufacturing our own tooling in house. The engineering team at G&R knows that an optimal die design is critical to maximizing the quality and repeatability that can be achieved in manufacturing your component. We focus on the strategic analysis of component designs and determining the optimal stamping process and resulting die requirements. When possible, we can consolidate the features into one die to reduce initial setup cost. For more complex designs the team will assess the feature sets of the component and determine how to group them into the most efficient die designs for progressive die stamping (if the design allows the component to remain connected to the strip through final forming) or transfer die stamping (where the component must be free of the strip to achieve most optimal feature forming). At the same time, the team will remain cognizant of the desired material feed speed/die transfer, possible wear on the tooling, and additional assembly or secondary operations required for the component. Once manufactured, all tooling is tested and serviced in accordance with our maintenance program. Tooling and die design is a delicate balance of engineering knowledge and experience. The G&R engineering team excels at melding both to achieve optimal results for your project.

G&R Manufacturing finds great satisfaction in solving our customers’ most complex design and manufacturing challenges. It is why we became engineers in the first place! Please contact us today to setup a consultation with the G&R engineering team to get your project started.

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Innovative Engineering & Design Services

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